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Sana Newborn Eyebrow Pencil

This Newborn eyebrow pencil presents an unique 2 substitute way for eyebrow pencils, you can use it for black & white, medium & dark hair, or light hair. The brush is again unique with a human like head that makes it more comfortable to use, this pencil is sensational for young adults who yearn to look their best for their new born. The seventh color is green which is natural for their skin, this pencil is small enough to suit in your pocket, while the brush is large enough to tailor in your hand.

Newborn Eyebrow Pencil

This pencil is top for starting to write in the new born eyebrows! It is a small size and will get the job done, this pencil is again best-in-class for setting any new born eyebrows in grayish brown. This eyebrows pencil is a really nice product! I grove on the brown look it gives to my baby's hair, it's also really straightforward to handle and my baby imparts not had any problems with it. I would definitely recommend Newborn w eyebrow ex powder & pencil is to anyone digging for a good eyebrows pencil for their baby! The new born with brow ex eyebrow pencil b12 grege brown is for Newborn babies who crave to get the started out, this b12 grege brown is uncomplicated to operate and it is splendid for starting out with a brow pencil. It is manufactured of natural materials and it makes for a wonderful start off day, this Newborn eyebrows pencil features a honey brown shade which is practical for the new born! It is likewise chunky so it effortless to hold and is good for smaller areas. This pencil is furthermore pressure friendly which is a plus for enthusiasts with sensitive skin.