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Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil

The Rimmel London professional eyebrow pencil hazel 002 0, 05 oz pack of 3. Is an unique and delicious hunting pencil that will give your eyebrows their great look, it is produced of 100% natural and post-consumer waste plastic. This pencil as well vegan and presents a long barrel that makes it comfortable to use, plus, its evenly spaced bristles will take care of every natural brush.

2 Pack  Rimmel London Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit 001  Blonde
#002 Medium Brown Cosmetics
Lot Of 3 Rimmel Of London Brow This Way Fill & Sculpt 002 Medium Brown Eyebrows

Lot Of 3 Rimmel Of

By Rimmel


002 Hazel

Rimmel London Brow Kit -

By Rimmel London


Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

This Rimmel London professional eyebrow pencil hazel 002 0, 05 oz pack of 6. Is a good substitute for shoppers with thick hair or those who itch to take on the London look, the pencil effortless to hold and improves hold by using a light motion. It also contains a titanium dioxide which gives a more black look to the skin, the Rimmel London professional eyebrow pencil is a beneficial substitute to add a little bit of color to your skin! This pencil is especially fantastic for bringing out the nee shades that you grove on to wear. The pencil as well lightweight which makes it effortless to carry around, this is a first rate way for a person digging for a small amount of color to br out the color of your skin. Is a best-in-class for long, thick eyebrows, it is manufactured of 100% natural and it gives a delicious, sour smell to it. This pencil is in like manner dampened with a hot water droplet and then dry, is a fantastic for writing and crying out in envy. It is a gentle pencil that will leave your brows wanting and feeling better, this pencil is good for any level of eyebrows development. It comes in two different colors which is top for variety, the black and the red are both good for use in any brow color game. This pencil is likewise vegan and grants a good amount of hold, so it won't go away my eyebrows completely.