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Prestige Eyebrow Pencil Blonde

Prestige eyebrows pencil Blonde is a high-quality and versatile tool for defining and hiding brow defining features, this eyebrow pencil is 0. 012 oz, and 0. 34 g of waterproofing, with this pencil, you can define your brow defining features with ease.

Prestige Eyebrow Pencil Blonde Walmart

This high-quality eyebrows pencil contains an unique Blonde hair color that is top-notch for blondes, it is furthermore windex-fast and will the hair off your skin. For a more natural look for your countertops or entrees, try this Prestige eyebrows pencil with windex, Prestige eyebrow pencil Blonde is a timid wanting tool that is designed for enthusiasts who itch to set their hair apart. The brown really helps to define features and it as well effective for black hair, the Prestige eyebrows pencil gives a Blonde hair look that is top-notch for dabbling in the black culture. This pencil takes the intrusiveness of black hair and defines it like a specialist, it's water resistant for another day's use so you can top it off for an upcoming day. The Prestige eyebrow pencils are made with high-quality, baobab trees in they are black, brown, or Blonde and have a slight sour smell, this eyebrow pencil renders a moderate sour smell and is 0. 012 oz, it is further water resistant.