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Mary Kay Eyebrow Pencil Classic Blonde

This Mary Kay brow definer pencil is a Classic blonde, full size version of the pencil that can be used for just about any job with your hair, it comes with a no-cost lifetime warranty.

Eyebrow Pencil Blonde

The Mary Kay brow definer pencil is a good quality, Blonde eyebrow pencil that defines eyebrows easily, it comes in a regular packaging and is available in a black or Blonde packaging. The Mary Kay brow definer pencil is a top-notch substitute to give your brows some volume and height, this pencil is available in Blonde or Classic blonde. The Blonde eyebrow pencils from Mary Kay are special because they come in a black box with a digital tool that lets you personalize the color for each job, the box also offers a digital tool to help you define your brows, on the that hunting to go that way. Finally, the pencils also come with an etched steel blade that will help you keep your brows hunting clean and naked, Mary Kay signature wooden bracelet liners come in 4 oz. and 6 oz, they provide good brow protection and are with an 14-month warranty. My favorite part is the 2 free short courses, thanks, Mary kay.