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Eyebrow Pencil Natural

The eyebrow pencil is a first-rate tool for waterproof this pen pencil effortless to operate and top grade for making style changes on long flights, the pencil Natural offers been designed to be comfortable to adopt and to look its best.

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Lot of 2 MAYBELLINE Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer’s 300 Blonde Brow Pencil

Lot of 2 MAYBELLINE Total

By Maybelline New York


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Eyebrow Pencil Natural Ebay

This eyebrows pencil is designed to micro-blaze your eyebrows in a more complex and technical look, it includes 4 tips which will micro-blaze your eyebrows in a desired way, while also being water-resistant. This fork is top-grade for tattoos and other long-term use, the eyebrow pencil is a retractable slant tip eyebrow pencil that uses a built-in brush to give you an effective and Natural brow look. This product comes in 2 packs and is waterproof up to 5 times the protection, the pencil is a new, more natural-tasting version of the eyebrow pencils that are popular for women who are into their makeup and want to put their own style together. The taupe color will match most skin tones while the full size 2 pack offers a fantastic substitute to keep your brows searching unequaled every day, this brow pencil is a valuable surrogate for shaping and contrasting your eyebrows with an unique look. The dye lotion formula ensures that your eyebrows will stay in place and is fabricated from recycled materials which helps keep your skin healthy.