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Dior Eyebrow Pencil

This christian Dior eyebrow pencil is a poudre (wet powder) which means it is produced of tourmaline and diamonds, it provides a sourcils type of container and a clapping type of sound when you hold the brush. The pencil is good for brown, black, black and brown hair.

Dior Eyebrow Pencil Blonde

This eyes pencil is a practical choice for individuals hunting for a realistic eyebrows pencil your skin and bring out the black flecks in your hair, this version with a blonde brush gives you dark brown eyebrows. The christian Dior sourcils poudre powder eyebrow pencil 593 is an outstanding substitute for people who crave to create a stylish look with their eyebrow pencils, the pencil is manufactured with an unique sourcils design that creates a complex brush motion that makes it difficult for makeup workers to put too much or too little powder on the skin. The Dior blonde 653 powder eyebrow pencil grants an unique variety of packaging materials including plastic, metal, and cloth, the pencil is uncertainty-based and imparts a non-stick grip, making it straightforward to adopt and ensuring a good line of stylus. The Dior blonde 653 powder eyebrow pencil is in like manner bristle-based, which offers its own set of challenges when it comes to use, the Dior waterproof eyebrow pencil is a sensational alternative to add a touch of waterproof appeal to your brows. This pencil is conjointly in a new box with the product.